902 NonStop Records was registered as a record label on January 3, 2013 by Ally Dee. In cooperation with David Ryszky BizMac, the label was founded out of an interest to work with driven and committed artists, we constantly seek talent to expose to the universe.
After the completion of a multitude of mix tapes, albums and collaboration projects incorporating global artists over the previous three years and combining our collective experiences, it was time to move forward with our passion in the music industry.
902 NonStop Records and Red Panther Studio are located just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia and are equipped to deliver quality recordings, instrumentals, mixing, mastering, graphic design, website design, video filming/production and performance opportunities.
Early in 2013 Ryszky Biz released the album “Redemption” and it was followed by the album “No Intermission” by Ally Dee. 
The “Confident” album is a collaboration CD to raise funds for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and was released May 30, 2014.  “They’re Coming” is another collaborative album that was officially released October 15, 2014. On February 6th, 2015 Ryszky Biz released Rap Therapy.  July 11th, 2015 “NonStop” was released which is also a collaborative album. Late fall of 2015 saw the release of “A Bit About Me” from Ally Dee. The Community Unity 2 Album and the Rap Genius Tournament are underway for 2016 with lots of events booked.

Phone: 902-499-1318

Heard On Air on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, NS and on www.ckdu.ca Monday nights 9-1030 p.m. https://www.facebook.com/heardonair